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Our mission is to provide superior protection from pests and pathogens without sacrificing the biodiversity and wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants; to become an integral component and support every aspect of sustainable development & give every person a chance to make this world a better place.

Our mission is global; our vision is innovative; our products are plant-based, effective & safe.

What is Phytogenix®

Phytogenix® is a unique plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic phytogenic insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, and repellent.
Phytogenix® is entirely free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic emulsifiers, alcohol, and other unnecessary substances.
It is safe for non-target organisms, pets, and humans!

The Science Behind It

At the heart of Phytogenix® formulation lies extensive research and a precise preparation method, allowing us to create a stable solution of essential oils, organic acids, carrier oils, and H2O for superior delivery and maximum bioavailability. Phytogenix® easily mixes with water to form nano-emulsion and has a shelf life of about 24 months.

Synergistic Effect = Maximum Potency: 

We carefully select each component of Phytogenix® for a maximum synergistic effect. A synergistic effect occurs when compounds increase one another's potency, resulting in mixtures that have more potent effects than predicted based on the activities of their components in isolation. 

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Phytogenix® Biopesticide

An integral part of agriculture's sustainable pest insect control and phytopathogen management programs.
A natural solution in agroecology.

How It works

The active ingredients in Phytogenix® Biopesticide are carefully selected and work together to exhibit potent insecticidal, fumigant, larvicidal, antifeedant, and repellent effects. 
Phytogenix® Biopesticide formulation deters oviposition and egg hatching and inhibits the growth and development of most herbivorous insects. Superior insecticidal properties of Phytogenix® Biopesticide formulation result from its effects on the insect nervous system by antagonism of the octopamine receptors. This disruption results in the total breakdown of the nervous system in insects.
Phytogenix® Biopesticide changes the odor background and sensory context of the insects' habitat and modulates the responses of insects to pheromones and other olfactory signals. For instance, it can disrupt communication in the mating behavior of insects by modifying the odor of sex pheromones & blocking the function of the antennal sensilla, and unsuccessful mating could lead to a lower fecundity and ultimately lower the population of insect pests. Similarly, Phytogenix® Biopesticide can turn a desirable host plant (i.e., plant species the insect and its offspring can feed on) into a non-host plant, i.e., low quality or unsuitable for feeding.

Superior Protection Against Phytopathogens

Phytogenix® Biopesticide helps form the plant's immune system for better defense against phytopathogens; it has preventive, protective, and therapeutic effects. Phytogenix® Biopesticide application aids ATP production for the plants to reach their full genetic potential (↑ size, color, flavor, etc.)
Terpenes, fatty acids, and other compounds in Phytogenix® Biopesticide work synergistically to compromise the pathogenic cell membrane permeability barrier (the primary defense of bacterial cells), preventing further division. This action results in complete degradation of bacterial cell wall: damages cytoplasmic membrane, causes cytoplasmic coagulation, damages proteins and fatty acids, decreases proton motive force, and leads to an eventual leakage of intracellular components.
The Phytogenix® Biopesticide penetrates deeply into the fungal cell wall, disrupting the cytoplasmic membrane's internal processes, which leads to the destruction of mitochondrial function of ATP production due to changes in the electron flow inside the electron transport system. Simultaneously, Phytogenix® causes disbalance in the infected cells' fatty acids, proteins, and nucleic acids profile, leading to their destruction.
The antiviral effect of Phytogenix® Biopesticide formulation attributes to the ability of its active components to penetrate the virion membrane, inhibit the synthesis of viral proteins and affect the process of glycosylation, impede the process of early gene expression and directly inactivate the growth of the virus. The active ingredients in Phytogenix® Biopesticide formulation hinder virus replication at different cycles, directly interacting with the particles of the virus and inhibiting cellular DNA polymerase.
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