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Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1

Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1

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Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 is an effective certified 99% biobased insecticide, fungicide, and bactericide, suitable for organic farming and gardening. 


  • Kills and controls a wide variety of insects (Aphids, Armyworms, Bedbugs, Citrus Psyllids, Crickets, Chiggers, Corn Borers, Deer Flies, Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Hornworms, Leafhopper, Leaf Miners, Mites, Mosquitos, No-See-Ums, Ticks, and more);
  • Effectively treats and controls bacterial, viral, and fungal phytopathogens (Bacterial Spot, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Schutte, Rots, Rusts, Blights, etc.); prevents the formation of biofilms, reduces and controls mycotoxins;
  • Kills and controls odor-causing bacteria and fungi;
  • Protects crops during storage;
  • Protects wood, turf, lawn, and yard from pests and phytopathogens;
  • Activates soil respiration: constituents of the biopesticide are used as a source of carbon and energy by beneficial soil microorganisms. 


Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 is a nano-blend of essential oils, organic acids, and additional botanical ingredients. The unique production technology makes it possible to avoid using synthetic emulsifiers, parabens, and alcohol.

When mixed with water, Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 forms a nano-emulsion, providing excellent surface coverage and maximal effectiveness against phytopathogens.


Behind the effectiveness of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 lies the synergy of the individual components of the formula: we combine the essential oils and organic acids in such a way that each particular element, in reaction with others, increases the effectiveness of the final product. 


We recommend testing the product on a small area first.




  • How It Works

    Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 exhibits potent insecticidal, fumigant, larvicidal, antifeedant, and repellent effects. It deters oviposition and egg hatching and inhibits growth and development. Superior insecticidal qualities of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 formulation result from its effects on the insect nervous system by antagonism of the octopamine receptors.
    The timely and consistent application of Phytogenix® Biopesticide promotes preventive care, blocks the spread, effectively fights fungal, bacterial, and viral phytopathogens, and combats biofilm formation. Phenolic compounds and organic acids in Phytogenix® Biopesticide work synergistically to compromise the permeability barrier of the pathogenic cell membrane (the primary defense of pathogenic cells), ultimately leading to its destruction. The active ingredients in Phytogenix® Biopesticide hinder virus replication at different cycles, directly interacting with the virus particles and inhibiting cellular DNA polymerase.
    Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 optimizes the immune system of plants: dissociated ester compounds and fatty acids easily penetrate the plant's cell wall, settling on its membrane and thickening it. This process increases the concentration of proton gradient across the cell membrane. It provides the driving force for ATP synthesis, stabilizing the mitochondrial function inside the cell, and contributes to ribosomes' more precise synthesis of proteins.
    Active ingredients in Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 increase the bioavailability of trace elements through mineralization and solubilization of poorly accessible and complex minerals. Phytogenix® Biopesticide improves nitrogen stability in the soil and increases its bioavailability to plants.

  • Why Use Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1

    Crop production: open ground, greenhouse, and hydroponic farms. Comprehensive protection of crops from a broad spectrum of pests and phytopathogens at all the stages of ontogenesis.

    Crop storage: superior protection from barn pests and pathogens.

    Wood and timber production, forestry farms: provides excellent protection from pests, fungi, bacterial and fungal invasions.

    Soil recultivation: helps establish a favorable micro-environment for higher plant growth and better soil quality.

    Golf fields, country clubs, and resorts: improves turf appearance and protects against invasive pests, phytopathogens, and blood-sucking insects.

  • Methods of Application

    • Seed biopriming
    • Treatment of seedlings
    • Treatment of pre-sowing areas
    • Foliar application
    • Sprayer and cold fogger application
    • Soil injection
    • Aerial application


  • Dilution Rates

    The dilution ratio will vary depending on the purpose of the application, pests variety, weather, and environmental conditions. It is recommended to reapply Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 after heavy rainfall.

    For active pest infestations: Dilute 1/2 fluid oz. (15 ml) of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 for every gallon of water (1:300 ratio). Wait 7-10 days to reapply. Heavy infestations will require several applications.

    For fungal, bacterial, and viral phytopathogens: Dilute 1/4 fluid oz. (7.5 ml) of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 for every gallon of water (1:500 ratio). Wait 7-10 days to reapply. Some viral and fungal infestations will take longer to see the results. 

    For preventative maintenance: Dilute 1/8 fluid oz. (4 ml) of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 for every gallon of water (1:1000 ratio).

    For ants: Dilute 1/2 fluid oz. (15 ml) of Phytogenix® Biopesticide 3-in-1 for every gallon of water (1:300 ratio). Thoroughly soak mounds and wait a few days. Repeat as needed. 

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